Merlynn Park Hotel Jakarta

Merlynn Park hotel is located in Jakarta Pusat (Central Jakarta).It stands tall in the heart of the city and is only 15 minutes from Jakarta’s National Museum and merely 20 minutes from the Airport. It is in close proximity to some of the best malls in Jakarta like Mall Grand Indonesia, Mall Plaza Indonesia and Mall GajahMada.

Committed to delivering the highest level of satisfaction to visiting individuals, Merlynn Park Hotel in Jakarta, Indonesia provides the highest quality of modern suites and facilities for the guests of the Hotel.

The Hotel offers rooms and suites to ensure comfort and luxury, meeting rooms and ballrooms that are apt for your social occasions and corporate events. Each element found inside contributes to a holistic experience, whether traveling for business or leisure. Facility-wise, it features a number of restaurants and a fully equipped bar where a variety of cuisines can be savored, from Indonesian, Mexican, to European, Chinese, Italian and also Indian cuisine.

Other facilities include an infinity outdoor swimming pool, an indoor Swimming pool, and a kid’s pool, where guests can relax after a long busy day or a Social event.

The Hotel also has a fully equipped state of the art Gym with Yoga and Aerobics facilities and a Spa offering various treatments to rejuvenate and refresh oneself.